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Tesla Plans Self-Driving Taxi Fleet

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk made his case for an on-demand robot taxi fleet that he promised would begin next year, an ambitious bet that would thrust the auto maker into the cutthroat business of ride-hailing.
 In a presentation on Monday to investors and analysts at company headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., the billionaire entrepreneur said that by the middle of next year more than a million

Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota Keep SUVs in the Spotlight

The sport-utility vehicle is taking center stage at the New York International Auto Show, with car companies showing off new models of all shapes, sizes and price points.
 In recent years, auto makers have focused many of their auto-show debuts on SUV offerings, reflecting a shift among American buyers away from sedans to larger, more expensive vehicles.

Musk Talks of Future as Sales Sink

As Tesla Inc. faces questions about whether demand for the Model 3 compact car is slowing, Chief Executive Elon Musk wants investors to focus on the auto maker's road much farther ahead: vehicles driving themselves in a robot-taxi fleet.
 Mr. Musk is gathering investors Monday to reveal the electric-car maker's latest efforts to develop self-driving car technology and his strategy for deploying it. The presentation at the company's Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters is scheduled two days before Tesla reports quarterly

He Celebrated Turning 80 With 125 Push-Ups

MOST PEOPLE celebrate birthdays with cake. Fred Beans recently celebrated his 80th birthday by knocking out 125 push-ups. The annual challenge, which he started eight years ago, motivates him to keep fit throughout the year.
 Mr. Beans has never considered retiring. He founded his eponymous car dealership business in Doylestown, Pa., in 1959 with just one employee. Today, he owns 20 dealerships in southeastern Pennsylvania and employs 1,750 people.

What You Need to Be on the Fed - and It Isn't a Ph.D.

Neither Stephen Moore nor Herman Cain, political allies that President Trump hopes to put on the Federal Reserve Board, has a Ph.D. in economics. For fans and even some foes, that's a virtue, not a vice.
 In these populist times, knowing too much economics means you're out of touch, arrogant and wrong. Few institutions have suffered the backlash against elitism and credentialism as much as central banks, which are run mostly by professional economists.

Cadillac Heads Back to Detroit

General Motors Co. is moving its Cadillac headquarters back to Detroit, nearly four years after relocating the luxury brand's home base to New York City's SoHo neighborhood. Steve Carlisle, a longtime GM executive who took over Cadillac in April, confirmed the move, saying he wants the brand's leaders to be closer to GM's vehicle design and engineering hub in suburban Detroit, especially as GM prepares to roll out several new Cadillac models in coming years.

Mexico's Role As Car Hub Faces Challenge

The Trump administration's new trade deal with Mexico is likely to force some auto makers to rethink their strategy for many Mexican-built models, threatening the country's role as a go-to producer of lower-priced small cars and sedans for the U.S. market.
 The U.S.-Mexico trade agreement comes nearly two decades after the North American Free Trade Agreement was established, resulting in a shift by many car makers to move production of less-lucrative models, particularly small cars and compact sedans, to Mexico to take advantage of the country's low labor rates.

Global Auto Sales Slow, Pressuring Profits

After nearly a decade of growth, new-vehicle sales in the world's largest auto markets are encountering their first sustained slowdown since the global financial crisis, putting pressure on profits as uncertainty around U.S. trade policies looms.
 China's once-booming car market is cooling, in part because of escalating trade tensions with the U.S. American demand for cars and trucks — long a bright spot for the global auto industry — has topped out, following a sevenyear growth streak that helped lift earnings for many car makers and auto-parts suppliers world-wide.

Ford Chief's First Task: Explaining His Vision

Senior executives at Ford Motor Co. have come to expect emails from their new boss, Chief Executive Jim Hackett, that include links to TED Talks and articles from Science Daily. They often come around 11 p.m., when he catches up on his reading.
 The former chief of an office- furniture maker, Mr. Hackett frequently references the work of theoretical physicist Geoffrey West and uses terms such as “think phase” (a concept from his design background) and “clock speed” (a phrase from computing).

No Detail Was Too Small For Legendary Auto CEO

One day near the end of 2010, Sergio Marchionne received a message on one of his six smartphones: A colleague updated him on efforts to fix a door-latch defect on a new version of the Dodge Charger.
 “I am getting updates every couple of hours on the bloody door handle,” he told a Wall Street Journal reporter.
 Was this a wise use of time for a sleep-deprived CEO responsible for running struggling auto makers