Would never hire him again. PITA.
Entry Level? KLX140G $3700 Pitster Pro LXR 250F $3600 AJP PR3 240 Enduro $4800 Honda CRF150 $3800 Honda CRF125 $3400 Yamaha TTR 230 $4200 Yamaha TTR 125 $3300 Not a 2stroke in the bunch  
Low cost entry-level street bikes serve an entirely different market and need than someone in the market for a "low cost entry-level dirt bike." For one thing, the market for low cost, entry-level street bikes is fairly substantial on a global scale. I doubt there is even much of a market for low cost dirt bikes. That doesn't line up with the reality of socio-economic factors and accessibility that make dirt bike riding a privilege pretty much...
In the article it talks of manufactures scaling things down and producing more low cost entry-level street bikes. That's something that needs to happen for off road motorcycling too. Modern off road bikes have gotten way out of hand as far a technology and cost go. 
Koenigsegg sell less than twenty cars a year globally. The idea that they are selling like fiestas suggests Mike fell for the blarney. Surprisingly.