Head light cleaning - Tricks of the Trade

My head light are all kinds of yellow and cloudy. I tried some stuff that you get at the store, some of that lubricant and sand paper stuff but it didn't do a thing. Anyone got any good tips as what would make those puppies nice and clean and new looking?

I haven't had much luck with assorted products out there for just that. May need to go new?

Long retired now

Actually somthing that works really well is autosol (metal polish) for cleaning yellowed headlights.

You will need:
Masking tape
Vairable speed buffer
Green Stuff Wax Polish

First clean the lense with soap and water to clean all loose dirt off then rinse off and let dry. Mask off any painted areas neer the the headlamp so you don't damamge the paint with the buffer. Take a rad and some autosol and rub it onto the lense till the whole lense is covered in autosol. Set your buffer to lowest speed and buff with very little to zero pressure in a slow circular pattern. dont hold the buffer in one spot. Do this till all the autosol is gone and lense is clear.

Now clean off again with soap and water then rinse and let dry. Apply Green Stuff Was/polish to lense according to the directions on the lable. Should be like new if you did it right.

Guy at a bodyshop showed me this works excellent and no need to wet sand.

Sure worth a try if that bad. Some new lenses are nasty expensive so what do you have to lose if you must do something?

Long retired now

I've used the kits that attach to a power drill with pretty good results. However, the headlights I used them on weren't that bad to begin with.

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