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Hello pls don't mind on my poor language and knowledge about cars. This is my first question. I have problem with my mazda2. During the winter times and cold weather in general i have trouble starting my car. The car is pretty new 2008. Any solution?

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Is there any warranty left on this car? Also - if not familiar with newer cars you should just be turning the key to start it and not play with the gas pedal which could confuse it. Unless EXTRODINARILY cold it should pretty much start right up. The car knows it's cold and what to do.

Does it re-start if only shut down for a short while without trouble? If so that would be a clue that it isn't sensing or sending the right signals to the car's computer or other issues not so common for so new unless perhaps car has a ton of miles already or hard use.

It can be like watching paint dry but take a good look and read thru the owner's manual. There's tons of good suggestions and advice in there as well as info you may need. If problem continues without a lot of equipment or car savvy then take it in with the complaint to a good shop as it shouldn't be doing that,

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